#communityconnect: Using mobile devices to promote higher order thinking skills.

Australia eSeries Community Connect Webinar

Sick of using iPads for skill and drill activities? Are your students using their mobile devices for only word processing and reading eBooks?

In this session I’ll be facilitating a discussion about using mobile devices, such as the iPad, for activities requiring higher order thinking skills.

During the webinar we’ll look at:

  • Blooms Taxonomy and Blooms Digital Taxonomy
  • Writing Learning Objectives suitable for mobile devices
  • Selecting and evaluating apps for applying, analysing, evaluating and creating


WHEN: Thursday 13th June 2013

WHERE: Blackboard Collaborate 

TIME: 8pm Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane, Australia time (GMT+11)

#Community Connect: The Global School



Thursday 14th March 2013
8pm Melbourne time (GMT+11)


The Australia e-Series Room in Blackboard Collaborate


Rob Sbaglia is an innovative teacher working in Victoria, Australia. He’s passionate about pushing his students to think creatively, to be self directed learners and global collaborators. Rob’s initiative, The Global School, “provides the opportunity for schools to connect with each other around the world – authentically”. Come along and listen to Rob as he takes us through his journey of developing The Writers Club, Global Maths and Global Science…The Global School.

#Community Connect: Online Communities


What makes a good online community? There are plenty of them to join, but is there something common to the Communities of Practice that people keep returning to for conversation? Is it the topics discussed, the platform format, an obscure “feeling”, the people that drop in, leadership, etiquette…?
Nothing special in terms of e-bling tonight as I’ve been away, but it’s an interesting topic that I’d love to throw out there for debate.

Please join us for the Australia e-Series Community Connect session at 8pm tonight (GMT + 11) and share your ideas.

The link to our Blackboard Collaborate Room:http://tinyurl.com/29tyznz

Here’s a great reference: The Online Community Guide

#CommunityConnect: Projects, Plans and MOOCs


COMMUNITY CONNECT 2013….yes, we’re back and ready for a year of discovery, conversation and professional development.

I’m proud to be the “face” of Community Connect this year, I have huge shoes to fill. Thank you Junita Lyon for helping find my place in the world of “online webinar facilitation”. You have made Community Connect what it is and I hope to continue with your belief that we are here to teach, learn, support, collaborate and above all, have fun while we learn.
I have huge shoes to fill.

TONIGHT at 8pm Melbourne Australia time (GMT + 11) we will kick off the season with an open discussion about your best experiences from 2012, followed by what your plans and aspirations are for 2013.

I look forward to seeing you online in The Australia e-Series Webinar Room tonight.

Note: To join this webinar you need Java installed on your computer/laptop and a headset is recommended.


Penny Bentley