Activity 3…Before And After The Spring Clean

Trumpet-02-juneI found this to be a difficult task…to spring clean my About Me page.

“Blowing my own trumpet”, so to speak, is not my way of doing things….I’d just rather do my best than brag about what, how, why and when I did it.

So, after 10 months of blogging, building an online presence and growing my Personal Learning Network, I’m glad this Challenge suggested that I clean up my act.

I’m glad because:

  • I realise that an About Me page isn’t about bragging. For readers keen enough to take a look, it’s a page that may generate interest and result in connections.
  • I no longer feel that putting carefully selected material in the internet is dangerous, it’s just a new way of doing things.
  • This page is part of my electronic portfolio or online journal. I’ve decided that CLOUD9 is my place to record and reflect on any Professional Development that I undertake.
  • Having left the classroom in 2010, but passionate to find employment in the area of Education during 2011, I believe that a professional online presence is necessary for the perusal of future employers.

Here’s what I did:

  • Converted some of my information into a visual format. My introduction is now in the form of a letter and descriptive words about me are located in a word cloud.
  • I listed my professional interests, current activities and the professional development that I completed while on leave during 2010.
  • Added a link to my profile on Linkedin
  • To avoid text overkill I converted paragraphs into dot points

So with visuals, links and dot points I have conveyed more information with less text.

That’s enough…don’t want to sound too loud on that trumpet.

Please leave a comment if you have any other suggestions. Thanks.

Extension Activity

A mind map showing the pages of this blog.

Created in the program


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