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Being able to choose your own shape is a great feature of Tagxedo. It’s an example of technology that is not the focus of a task but a tool that allows students to add a creative and personal touch. I would use it at the beginning of a science topic by asking the students to brainstorm their prior knowledge of relevant words.

So, rather than just writing words in their exercise book I am using technology to make the task more personal and creative for my students. In this example the pedagogy rather than technology comes first. Just click on the Tagxedo if you would like to take a closer look.



3 thoughts on “A Wordy Post

  1. A really fabulous example of a tagxedo! It would be interesting to do another tagxedo with students at the end of a topic (instead of a test perhaps) to see how different the terms were and what they had learned.

  2. Hi Penny!
    Thanks for your kind comments on my glog last week. I’ve been away from my desk till this week. After checking out your blog you are my PLN role model!!! How did you get the glog itself onto your blog?? I tried but it would only come up as a link. You are clearly on top of all the Web2.0 tools. Unfortunately I feel as though I’m just dipping my toes in the water at the moment. . . trying to complete all the PLN tasks as well as a normal 5 day week is indeed a big challenge. Lucky you to have some time off and take part in the PLN PD as well. Brilliant!

  3. Thanks so much Wendy…I’ve just had more time than everyone else to fiddle and explore. Great fun.
    I’ve sent you an email about how my glog appeared in my blog! Hope it works for you.

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