Reclaim Hosting

imageI needed another project…went hunting for a MOOCy thing and ended up with #reclaimhosting.

“managing and experimenting with an open source toolbox”

For $12 I’m building and managing my own domain under the expert guidance of Jim Groom and his Reclaim Hosting videos. Only time will tell how this DIY project goes but, regardless of what happens, it’s exciting.


2 thoughts on “Reclaim Hosting

  1. Fabulous Penny! Maybe you can pass your learning on to me one day?I’d love to change my blog to a self-named site eventually. Glad I found your blog and best wishes for your adult education classes.

    • Thanks Britt, I’d love to show you how to get started. If you want a URL in your name it’s a good idea to grab a domain when you have time. I’m really enjoying the adult classes where we play with iPads…so different to having 30 kids in a maths class 🙂

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