#communityconnect: Using mobile devices to promote higher order thinking skills.

Australia eSeries Community Connect Webinar

Sick of using iPads for skill and drill activities? Are your students using their mobile devices for only word processing and reading eBooks?

In this session I’ll be facilitating a discussion about using mobile devices, such as the iPad, for activities requiring higher order thinking skills.

During the webinar we’ll look at:

  • Blooms Taxonomy and Blooms Digital Taxonomy
  • Writing Learning Objectives suitable for mobile devices
  • Selecting and evaluating apps for applying, analysing, evaluating and creating


WHEN: Thursday 13th June 2013

WHERE: Blackboard Collaborate 

TIME: 8pm Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane, Australia time (GMT+11)

#Community Connect: The Global School



Thursday 14th March 2013
8pm Melbourne time (GMT+11)


The Australia e-Series Room in Blackboard Collaborate


Rob Sbaglia is an innovative teacher working in Victoria, Australia. He’s passionate about pushing his students to think creatively, to be self directed learners and global collaborators. Rob’s initiative, The Global School, “provides the opportunity for schools to connect with each other around the world – authentically”. Come along and listen to Rob as he takes us through his journey of developing The Writers Club, Global Maths and Global Science…The Global School.

#Community Connect: Online Communities


What makes a good online community? There are plenty of them to join, but is there something common to the Communities of Practice that people keep returning to for conversation? Is it the topics discussed, the platform format, an obscure “feeling”, the people that drop in, leadership, etiquette…?
Nothing special in terms of e-bling tonight as I’ve been away, but it’s an interesting topic that I’d love to throw out there for debate.

Please join us for the Australia e-Series Community Connect session at 8pm tonight (GMT + 11) and share your ideas.

The link to our Blackboard Collaborate Room:http://tinyurl.com/29tyznz

Here’s a great reference: The Online Community Guide

#Community Connect: Digital Badges

If you’re interested in understanding Digital Badges and creating your own Open Badge Backpack, you are welcome to join us in Community Connect tomorrow night, Thursday 6th December.


The concept of issuing digital badges in recognition of learning is new and evolving. This Community Connect webinar will be an open discussion around what digital badges are, who creates them, where are they stored and displayed, who can earn them and for what. Please come along and contribute what you know, and if time permits everyone will leave the session with an Open Badge Backpack and a few badges.

CC logo

Facilitator: Penny Bentley
Date: Thursday 6th December
Time: 8pm Melbourne, Australia
Where: The Australia eSeries Blackboard Collaborate Room 


#ozseries Community Connect: Get Creative and Productive

Come along and join Kathryn Matthews and myself in Community Connect tonight for some creative fun with apps and ipads. First up we’ll have a show and tell about your current favorites then we’ll take a look at some productive and creative things to do with your iPad.

Turn your photo into a work of art, create a colourful QR code and convert your iPad into a scanner.

WhereBlackboard Collaborate link to tonight’s session.

When: Hope to see you all at 8pm-9pm AEST

#ozseries Community Connect: Connecting and Collaborating with the Innovate Here Online Community

Tomorrow night on the Australia e-Series I will be presenting the last of a series of Community Connect webinars focussing on Connected Education, a USA initiative held during August. Here are the details…you are welcome to join us.

When: Thursday September 6th, 8 to 9, Melbourne AEST (GMT +10)

About This Session: Tomorrow night Community Connect welcomes Karen Dowling and Nyunkia Tauss from the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s Innovate Here team.

We identify, stimulate and support local-level innovation in Victoria, across early childhood, schools, and higher education. As part of our work with Innovate Here we help practitioners and organisations connect and collaborate with other like-minded educators, build their professional learning networks (PLN) – both online and face to face, be inspired by examples of Victorian innovation in education and share experiences of trying something new. This includes exploring how to establish an appropriate professional social media presence, and how to get the most from your PLN, whether you’d like to get ideas, share ideas, find collaborators or share your idea with a wider network (eg #VicPLN).

You are welcome to download this paper for more information about Innovate Here.

Come along to Community Connect and join us in a conversation with Karen and Nyunkea about connecting and collaborating online.

Where: Here is the Blackboard Collaborate link for tomorrow night’s webinar.

Webinar Recording: Thank’s Karen and Nyunkia for an interesting and informative session. Please select this link if you would like to listen to the recording. 

#ozseries Community Connect: Libraries, Leadership and Literacies

When: Thursday August 30th, 8 to 9 Melbourne, Australia time (gmt+1o)

This Session: Tonight Community Connect welcomes guest presenter Jenny Luca, Head of Information Services at Toorak College in Melbourne.
She is a “Networked Teacher Librarian” who is passionate about using Web applications, such as social media, in educational settings.

Jenny’s blog, Lucacept-intercepting the Web, is a fascinating record of her reflections, experiences and ideas for librarians and education. “How do you prepare for a TEDx talk?” is Jenny’s latest post about her experience of recently delivering  a speech about Education Leadership at TEDx Melbourne.

Come along to Community Connect tonight and join us in a conversation with Jenny about Libraries, Leadership and Literacies.

The recording of tonight’s webinar is available here.

#ozseries Community Connect: Face To Face Connecting and Sharing

When: Thursday August 23rd, 8 to 9 Melbourne, Australia time (gmt+1o)

This Session: Tonight Community Connect welcomes guest presenters Celia Coffa, Matt Esterman and Jess McCulloch, passionate educators involved in creating wonderful face to face opportunities for professional learning and networking.

Jess enabled educators to connect and share their “stories” at the Meeting Of The Minds Unconference in February and recently returned from Canada having attended Unplug’d International 2012.

Celia (#TMMelb) and Matt (#TMSydney) are passionate educators involved in the organisation of TeachMeet events:

TeachMeets are informal, collaborative experiences organised by educators, for educators in order to share ideas and experiences and support each other in our professional growth.

Come along, join the conversation and pick up some ideas about how you can spread the passion for connecting face to face in your learning environments.

Where: Please join this Community Connect webinar by clicking on this Blackboard Collaborate link.

#ozseries Community Connect: Working Online with Students and Pre-Service Teachers

Tonight I am privileged to facilitate a Community Connect webinar with Britt Gow. This is the fourth of a series of discussions about Connected Education.

When: Thursday August 16th, 8 to 9 Melbourne, Australia time (gmt+1o)

 This Session: Continuing with the theme of Connected Educator month,  our presenter for Community Connect tonight is Britt Gow.  Britt teaches Maths and Science at Hawkesdale P12 College, a small, rural school in SW Victoria, Australia.

Britt works online with students such as those in her VCE Environmental Science class. She will share with us her experiences of using a range of web2.0 tools like blogs, wikis, Facebook and Blackboard Collaborate, in her teaching practice.

Several Pre-Service teachers, allocated to Hawkesdale P12 College during 2011, participated in a Virtual Teaching Round. Britt will also share with us her journey through this innovative program of supporting Pre Service teachers in isolated communities.

Where: Please join this Community Connect webinar by clicking on this Blackboard Collaborate link.

#ozseries Community Connect: Connecting with the State Library of Victoria

When: Thursday, August 9th, from 8 to 9 pm Melbourne, Australia time (gmt +10).

About this session: Our third Community Connect webinar celebrating Connected Educators Month, a USA initiative, is taking us into the rich learning environment of the State Library of Victoria.
Guest presenters from the SLV Cameron Hocking (Education Officer) and Kelly Gardiner (Online Learning Manager) will talk about their work in terms of onsite programs, online resources and professional development for educators.

The SLV Education Team covers a wide range of teaching and learning opportunities:

  • Primary and Secondary school programs
  • Exhibition related programs
  • School visits
  • Tertiary and international programs
  • Lifelong learning
  • Professional development
  • The Centre for Youth Literature
  • Reading and literacy
  • Online education resources

Where: Here is the link to join the session. Please drop in and join the conversation.

Recording: Click here to listen to the recording.