#rhizo14: Digital Desk


Image Source: Photobucket

Learning in a distributed, online environment can get messy and frustrating, ending in tears and dropout.  One way around this is to bring all the “places” you visit back to your blog/website….just one click away. Look at my page tabs above, you will see Rhizo14 P2PU which is where our course originates.  The tab drops down to reveal other places where people are learning, such as the social media platforms Twitter, Facebook and Google +. Digital content is being curated and shared in places like Diigo for bookmarking links and Flickr for collecting images. Dave Cormier’s blog is there to access course updates and his work on Rhizomatic Learning.

Organising your digital desk makes life easier by accessing everything from your place on the web. Please let me know if there are other sites to be added as the course progresses.