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A Touch of Mobile Learning


Source: Penny Bentley

You’re “doing” mobile learning if:

  • you’re not constrained to a particular location
  • you’ve got a device that’s easy to carry around (tablet, smartphone)

It’s beneficial because:

  • opportunities are everywhere
  • it’s an informal and spontaneous way to learn
  • makes learning more personal and authentic

Here’s an example…my iPhone has a pretty good camera for taking photos. It’s with me all the time and takes up little space. I have apps that enable me to add text to a series of photos, pin them to a map, share with others and upload to an archive.

The image above was shot with my mobile device. It’s a weed, a humble dandelion. Not only does it look amazing through a macro lens, but it has a fascinating history. By using the internet I’ve discovered that dandelions have been around for 30 million years and are used in coffee, salads, sandwiches and wine making. They’ve also been used for medicinal purposes and their seeds are easily spread by animals. The public domain image found on Wikipedia helps me to identify different parts of the dandelion life cycle. 

I can contribute to a Citizen Science project by uploading photos to the Atlas of Living Australia. Contributing to Australia’s biodiversity knowledge is a wonderful learning outcome. 

The mobile phone is a capable content consuming, creating and sharing device.


Source: Kohler’s Medicinal Plants, Wikipedia

Here’s more of my images on Flickr.