Where Did The Week Go?

The images in my last post are so vivid, they almost send you into the oil with the birds. The Web is such a powerful tool when it comes to instant, real time information that is immediately accessible to students and teachers.
On a lighter note….I enjoyed having a look at Survey Monkey and creating a survey myself. A tool like this is fun and I would certainly use it to collect data in Maths and Science lessons. When teaching statistics students need to be able conduct a survey, collect, analyse then present their results. Survey Monkey is an easy, intuitive tool to use. After collecting their results, students can complete the maths side of things then choose a presentation tool, such as Prezi, to share their findings with others.

If you wouldn’t mind, please complete my test run of Survey Monkey. Don’t worry, I plan to survey my PLN for more substantial data later.

Please click here to take the survey