Chocolate Is Best

Well, here are my Survey Monkey (test run) results. It seems that when stress is driving us crazy at work, we are a reasonably well behaved, chocolate loving group.

I used ZOHO SHEET to create the pie charts, a BAMBOO TABLET to write freehand and then used the snipping tool on my PC to make the image for posting.

I’ve had a good look at Zoho and found it to be visually pleasing and easy to use. It can be used for email, word processing, creating videos, collaborating with others, notebooks (like OneNote) etc, etc. It’s worth taking a look at.

My Bamboo Digital tablet is great fun to use and is ideal for online tutoring via Elluminate. Without some form of digital ink it would be so difficult to teach maths over the internet.

Overall, I found the whole experience of setting up a survey, collecting the results and creating graphs to be challenging and fun. As a maths and science teacher I can think of many occasions where these tools can be used in class. The students will enjoy doing it this way, especially if they can make a poster using GLOGSTER EDU.

Conclusion….chocolate is great for stress relief.

Where Did The Week Go?

The images in my last post are so vivid, they almost send you into the oil with the birds. The Web is such a powerful tool when it comes to instant, real time information that is immediately accessible to students and teachers.
On a lighter note….I enjoyed having a look at Survey Monkey and creating a survey myself. A tool like this is fun and I would certainly use it to collect data in Maths and Science lessons. When teaching statistics students need to be able conduct a survey, collect, analyse then present their results. Survey Monkey is an easy, intuitive tool to use. After collecting their results, students can complete the maths side of things then choose a presentation tool, such as Prezi, to share their findings with others.

If you wouldn’t mind, please complete my test run of Survey Monkey. Don’t worry, I plan to survey my PLN for more substantial data later.

Please click here to take the survey