#oldsmooc Growth in the Answer Garden

Emerging from the answer garden are shoots, some bigger than others. It’s beginning to reveal some clues about people’s perceptions of the meaning of Learning Design.

In my quest for enlightenment, I’ll re “Wordle” at the end of Weeks 6 and 9.

answergarden olds week 3

The size of each word reflects the frequency of answers.

Would you agree with the emphasis placed on these larger words in the context of looking for a definition of Learning Design?


OLDS MOOC on Twitter

One way of viewing a Social Media conversation is to select snippets from places like Twitter and Facebook then use a web tool, such as Storify, to arrange them in a story.

Here’s part of the unfolding narrative of #oldsmooc-wk 1 that I was able to post directly from Storify. The html code is also available to use on other websites.

Twitter is one of the best web tools for learning online as users have free access to a constant stream of searchable information, from around the globe, in real time.

  1. My new #oldsmooc mantra: I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.
  2. I just stumbled on #oldsmooc OLDS MOOC 2013 – looks quite interesting. I’ve missed 9 days of it but am wondering if I should dive in anyway.
  3. Finally up and “running” in the Open University’s #MOOC adding to the #oldsmooc_wk1 activities: cloudworks.ac.uk/cloudscape… Exhilarating 🙂 #yam
  4. A Couple of Proof of Concept Demos With the Cloudworks API bit.ly/WJyly8 [#oldsmooc @sheilmcn @nfreear @yishaym @mhawksey ]
  5. Just starting Week 1 of #oldsmooc. Any team/study group available?. I’m in Melbourne AU & interested in ethical training online (or other).
  6. Feel good to complete the week #oldsmooc week. Applied for a badge, let us see how it works.
  7. #oldsmooc reflections The Virtual Leader ow.ly/gRDbp ~ or, the student applies for her first badge
  8. Is there a synopsis of the #oldsmooc #oldsmooc_conv? The video is over 1 hour and I am not sure I am going to find time to watch it all.
  9. Interesting #oldsmooc_w1 #oldsmooc_conv alternative ‘cloud’ where people r posting about teams & circles
    wallwisher.com/wall/kn2n9f60l5 Tks @sialker
  10. #oldsmooc_w1 #oldsmooc_conv alternative ‘cloud’ where people are posting messages about teams and circles
  11. Still digesting ideas from chat here on #oldsmooc_conv #oldsmooc #oldsmoocw_1 Thanks everyone for mental proddings
  12. any volunteers to storify #oldsmooc_conv and share via the open list?
  13. never hit the Reload button when the live YouTube session you’re watching falters #learnedtoday #oldsmooc_conv
  14. @OLDSMOOC I wouldn’t say the platform is confusing, just complex. Openness is complex
  15. @OLDSMOOC from way over here in Aus, what time are we meeting in Google Hangout…Aus time pls? #oldsmooc #oldsmooc_wk1
  16. Dreambazaar cloud draft, Measuring Outcomes/Learning Gains in Open Access Language Learning Environments cloudworks.ac.uk/cloud/view… #oldsmooc_wk1
  17. @crumphelen @virtualleader Me too! Hope I’ll get hang of Cloudworks eventually..speaking of, I better pay anothr visit re team #oldsmooc_wk1
  18. #oldsmooc_wk1 dream bazaar development topic Cloud is Stephen Bright:: dream bazaar – Online course design basics
  19. Anyone working on the @OLDSMOOC want to team up to work on use of twitter/social media in teaching? (week1) #OLDSMOOC
  20. interested in collaborative writing? want to join a study circle? #oldsmooc #oldsmooc_wk1 #oldsmooc-wk1
  21. #oldsmooc_wk1 Applying for badges to have evidence of completion for employer
  22. @suewatling @OLDSMOOC use the hashtag #oldsmooc then we will find your mooc related tweets easier so we can retweet them.